Who we are

When Ocean is Your Life

We are a small team of enthusiastic people with different ideas and professional backgrounds coming together to make a difference, helping our marine environment by conducting an exciting long term conservation project.

4 weeks ago

Lovely sunset sailing around HĂșsavĂ­k...

1 month ago

Opal is back to HĂșsavĂ­k, after some busy weeks in Greenland!...

1 month ago

At the moment we are all working hard in HĂșsavĂ­k spotting whales 🐋 and today one of the boats got trapped in a fishing net that was close to a group of dolphins. Nothing bad happened in that tour but plastic and other debris in the...

2 months ago

This summer we went to the stunning and remote fjords in Scoresby Sound, East Greenland We did NOT find MICRO PLASTICS.... But......

About Us

This is Our Crazy Team

Belén García Ovide
Marine Biologist & Wildlife Guide Founder of Ocean Missions. Ocean passionate and energetic since she can remember, BelĂ©n has been studying the oceans and particularly whales when she started her degree in Marine Biology in 2012. Since then, she has been involved in different research projects in the fields of marine acoustics, noise and effects on marine mammals, bio tourism and participatory science. She has been working at sea since 7 years as a sailor and wildlife guide, exploring amazing places including both poles and the Caribbean waters. She truly believes that we are the ambassadors of the oceans and “our mission” is undoubtedly to take care of our oceans and is willing to show the world how to do it.
Daniel Gonzalez de la Peña
Nature Photographer & MSc Marine Ecosystems-based Management Daniel has grown up surrounded and loving nature. He has studied a wide range of animals during his career and always working hard. This passion for nature only grew since he started his bachelor’s degree in Madrid. During his career he had two grants, to study in Sweden (UmeĂ„ Universitet) and Brazil (Universidade de SĂŁo Paulo), collaborating in different projects in all of them. He recently specialized in Ecosystem-based management of marine systems at the University of St Andrews where he learnt to use different statistical tools and sampling methods. He has been working mostly in HĂșsavĂ­k (North of Iceland) since 2015 sailing among whales as a whale watching guide and just finished his Skipper license becoming a Captain for RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats). Daniel is also a wildlife photography enthusiast and uses his pictures to raise awareness in peoples mind.
Heimir HarĂ°arson
Captain of Schooner Opal Co- founder of Ocean Missions. An explorer by heart and sailor by soul. Heimir has worked on boats for more than 20 years, mainly as a captain of beautiful ocean going schooners. His passion for travelling has marked his life and while experiencing different cultures in almost 90 countries he has learned how important it is to start taking actions against pollution and over-harvesting of our planet in general.

We collaborate closely for support by developing similar projects, data sharing, scientific publications and or for professional advice

Ocean Missions is a project sponsored by North Sailing

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