Author: Frits Meys (

Sailing in the Service of Science

WideOyster photographer Frits Meyst joins a group of international scientists in the waters around Iceland, with the aim of jointly mapping the environment. The results are shocking. Will you go as a citizen scientist on the next expedition?

Author: Erica Cirino (

The leaders of Iceland’s slow-travel movement

I’m standing on the bow of a creaking wooden schooner called Ópal, looking out over the Greenland Sea for signs of life here at the quiet edge of the Arctic Circle. Save for the crews I see aboard the occasional industrial fishing vessels that...

Author: Erica Cirino (

Where Whales and Plastic Meet

On the turbulent sea, white-capped waves blur into the distant snow-dusted mountains and the icy air bites at exposed skin. In the unforgiving conditions, Belén García Ovide braces herself against the wooden railing of the Ópal, scanning the wild sea for whales...

Author: Belén García (

Sails, Research, Education and Conservation in the Arctic regions

Ocean Missions is an innovative NGO born in Iceland in 2019 that offers annual expeditions in the edge of the Arctic regions. This project was born from the need for sustainable tourism and conservation in a unique and fragile environment as it is Iceland and nearby regions.

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