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Suits and profesional guiadance from a OM team member

WHALES SAILS AND SCIENCE is an eco- citizen science guided tour dedicated to those enthusiasts that wants to further their knowledge about ocean science, biology, threaths and sustainability.


Eco tourism prioritize an equilibrium and full respect between humans and the nature. It helps preserve and foster respect for some of the most beautiful environments on Earth. It encourages travellers to help protect the environment and contribute to local communities on a much deeper level than the tourists just passing.


By joining this tour, you are directly contributing to key data collection and to the continuity of the “Baleen whale exposure to plastic at the edge of the Arctic” research project in Skjálfandi Bay. At the same, together, we raise awareness about the biological importance of this area within the local community

Off every ticket sold 15% goes as a donation to Ocean Missions to contribute to the micro plastic research project.

Info about our sail tour


Whale watching is a mesmerizing experience.

Every summer, large whales come to the rich Skjálfandi Bay to feed, from majestic humpback whales to immense blue whales.

Each wild whale encounter is a unique, magic and unforgettable experience. Stop everything for a moment and listen to the most powerful breaths on Earth, as this memory will travel with you forever. Connect and enjoy with the most graceful and big creatures of the planet.


Driven by the wind and the power of the sails, being in a sail boat is the most quiet and sustainable way of travelling.

Sailing onboard one of these traditional wooden schooners is an extraordinary experience and very different from any other type of sailing.

If the weather is in our side, we’ll together hoist sails, slow down, hear the wind on the sails and be one with nature at the sunset light… We want to transport to you a different world, back in the days, where these wonderful tall ships were freely roaming the seas…


Ocean Missions is concerned about the plastic pollution in Skjálfandi Bay.

Because of that, this season they want to study the micro plastic pollution in the bay and relate it with zooplankton abundance and whale presence. The purpose is to estimate levels of exposure and ingestion of micro plastics by sea life. This study is very important to gain understanding on the health status of the bay and potential threats to marine fauna and ecosystems.

Our ultimate goal is to preserve and protect the rich biodiversity of Skjálfandi Bay.

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