Our planet is sick

Our planet is suffering from overpopulation, climate change and poor management of resources. At an increasing rate, today we need approximately 1.75 planets to provide the resources for our consumption and absorb our waste. By 2030, we will need 2 planets. We only have one. The responsibility falls on all of us, citizens of planet Earth. We have in front of our eyes the biggest mission of all human history. Save our home and ourselves, from ourselves.

Corporate responsibility

Human industry is a big part of the climate change scenario because of its reliance on land, resources, fossil fuels, and non-stop production and consumption. It is time for companies (big or small) to start a transition to a more sustainable path for their business. This is not really an option, but a necessity. Therefore, the companies’ commitment to sustainability plays a fundamental role in saving our planet.

Our mission

The transition to green business is urgent and its application can appear overwhelming and difficult for business developers. We want to help local business owners, administrators, and leaders make their organizations more environmentally committed. We are open to discuss the best opportunities that fits for each company, acting as an organization consultant using our expertise and knowledge on innovation and sustainability.

Green business, what is that?

Only the sustainable companies will lead the future. The first and most important step for a company to become green is to be aware and concerned about its environmental footprint. Innovation, strategy, transparency and professional guidance are pillars of the development of a durable and prosperous sustainable business. Green business implies not only advantages for the environment but often it increases the competitiveness of the companies and leads to a more economical and efficient practices based on fundamental sustainability values: circular economy, respect for nature and public education.

Sustainable tourism

More and more, people seek for ways to connect with nature and to leave a positive footprint when travelling. Tourism companies that work in close relation with nature, have an enormous potential to lead by example towards sustainability and to educate people. Successful sustainable tourism is when small/medium locally-based companies seek quality over quantity and prioritize the respect of nature over anything else.

Do you want to start now? Feel free to start a meaningful conversation with us for your local business. We are more than happy to help you to setting your goals towards sustainability.

Read Road Map for Sustainability Tourism

(for consumers, companies and administrations)

This manifest was presented in the last Conference about Sustainable tourism, held in Fuerteventura in December 2021. The guidelines are written by a group of woman ocean scientists that work in different parts in the world, and come together to claim climate justice and healthy oceans.


– Carl Safina

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