Enjoy the advantages of becoming a membership! As a member, you will become part of our private consultancy group. We invite our members to share ideas, help organize events, advise us and receive advice from Ocean Missions. This helps us work strongly together and keeps us in action!

Take advantage of your membership! We can´t wait to meet you here and show you what we are doing! We will help you visit and experience Iceland.

Advantages of purchasing a membership:

  1. You will receive an annual “OM report: Scientific results and findings” after our expeditions and you will receive updated information about what’s new for us and what are we working on!
  2. A free trip with North Sailing Whale Watching in Húsavík (3 hours). You can choose between:
    • Regular whale watching (you can choose an electric boat!) NS1
    • Sails and whales NS3
    • Whales and puffins NS5

    Check the tours at:

  3. Invitations (x2) to join the Photo-ID research team onboard the whale watching vessels (3 hours trip) in co-operation with the University of Iceland’s research center in Húsavík, which has been collecting photo-identification data joining North Sailing boats as a platform for data collection since 2007 and the Húsavík Whale Museum since 2001.
  4. Discounts in Húsavík “the capital of the Whales”:
    • 20% discount on the Húsavík Whale Museum
    • 10% discounts in Geo Sea baths
    • 10% discount in Gamli Baukur Restaurant
  5. Subscription to the newsletter

Take the initiative! Become a local beach clean-up coordinator (optional): be the leader and coordinate organized beach clean ups in your local town with us and participate in bigger international organized beach clean-up events with us! We tell you how!

We can´t wait to hear from you!

Purchase for Membership of 50 EUR (annual)

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