The Icelandic Clean up-project

Our chances are right here, right now!

It is time to show that we all care about this planet and the future! It is time to stand up for healthy oceans and clean shores in Iceland! You and I, we are the action! You and I , we are the change! This year, we call for all hands on decks!

Small efforts make a big difference, join us on the mission to fight plastic pollution!

Plastic is everywhere, we know it. Can we do something to fight against it? Of course!

Marine pollution has become one of the biggest threats for our seas, for marine life and for humanity, so it is evident that we need to join efforts in order to find a solution through commitment, prevention, education and cleanup efforts.

Since 2019 Ocean Mission has organized multiple clean-ups in Northeast Iceland with the help of volunteers, biologists, locals and researchers.

Now, the governments are listening and supporting some local initiatives. However, to implement effective solutions to prevent and manage plastic pollution, it is important to determine the scale of the problem.

This is why from 2021 to 2025, Ocean Missions and other local groups have been given the responsibility to clean the entire Icelandic coastline and to gather scientific data in order to create the first comprehensive national assessment on marine litter in Iceland.

During 2021, more than 150 volunteers joined us and together we cleaned and characterized almost 6 tons of marine litter. The report 2020-2021 is ready to read.

This year 2022 we are ready to step up the efforts and clean, at least, all the beaches within 390 km of coastline of the Northeast region. We will follow an standardized protocol developed by the OSPAR Commission that will help us to formulate recommendations and to implement effective management to actively find short and long term solutions.

Ocean Missions clean-up efforts for 2022. The green color shows the areas to be assessed and cleaned by 2022. The chosen coastline can be divided in two areas (circles A and B). The total extension of the delimited area is 390km

After the clean up we will take the trash far from the ocean to the nearest recycling center. We are looking for individuals and groups to join us in the efforts. You can join as many times as you want and commit as much as you feel. During this adventure , we not only contribute to a better planet, but we will also explore the stunning wild landscapes of Iceland,  witness its rich coastal biodiversity, learn from the experienced people about Iceland and the environment and inspire each other while making a positive impact.

If you want to be part of this blue mission, reach out and join us for a beach clean-up!

Our oceans, our home
Our biodiversity, our best ally!

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