Expeditions 2020


28th May - 3rd Jun
Reykjavík - Húsavík
531 nm
7 days

Our second expedition was absolutely a dream. It’s been months waiting for this moment and we are full of excitement and quite nervous. It is the first time that we are going to have participants onboard! We have been given this opportunity to start an amazing project and have worked very hard to make this happen. Now, we cannot fail. And we won’t, if we give the best of ourselves…

As soon as we leave Reykjavík the nervousness disappears like the land we leave behind, and pure freedom takes over in our hearts. The wind on the sails sentence our fate and soon we are overwhelmed by eternal sunsets, new places and emotions to explore and connect with nature.

After two days onboard, a mix of feelings of happiness and responsibility… The oceans hold most of life on Earth. 97% of Earth’s water is there. This is the blue heart of the planet. This is what makes life possible for us and this is the reason why we are here, to defend and protect our oceans, our blue heart. Right now, we are delivering the most important message for the whole world by our actions and words.

With only 8 enthusiasts onboard including the crew, It suddenly feels that we are a family. We are so different but complementary. Everyone learns and teaches others at the same time among profound and powerful conversations. We challenge our limits every day, climbing the rig, facing storms or crossing rivers carrying trash in the most remote places. But there is no fear just courage.

We arrive to the glacier fjords in the West. In spring there is an extraordinary explosion of life in Iceland that makes every single place unique and marvelous. We explore abandon whaling stations and hidden waterfalls, while we increase our awareness together and report signs of unhealthy oceans.  Microplastics appear in our manta trawl and large amounts of stranded fishing gear are found in apparently “pristine“ beaches.  We team up and carry everything we can onboard. Time stops where we encounter the huge cliffs near Hornstrandir where the sea birds’ colonies rule the coastal waters, and even Ópal feels small. Later, Ópal keeps gliding in the breeze. We encounter majestic humpback whales and killer whales roaming the free seas…We end the expedition entering Húsavík, our home town, with all square sails up and receiving a warm welcoming from our beloved people in the harbor.

 This expedition changed our lives and now we feel capable of everything. We are back and it’s difficult to assimilate all the emotions. We just know we need to do this again.

Video making and editing: Ása Steinars | Music: Kaleo Song: I want more


28th Sep - 3rd Oct
Húsavík - Húsavík
425 nm
7 days

In September 2020 we set sails for our third expedition. This expedition was full of challenges, but most of them even before starting sailing, for both participants and the crew. But the uncertainty of our times, the difficulties of traveling due to Covid -19 and even quarantines did not stop us or them. Everyone fought until the end to make this dream become true and still be safe.

Once onboard, with the wind under the sails and the salty water in our faces, we could witness both the calm ocean like a mirror and the screaming rough seas. We could dance with the magical northern lights, feel the power of marvelous breaching humpback whales and photograph the explosion of colors of the Icelandic autumn. You could just feel the incredible synergy between the people and the common urge to escape finally from the real world. When we are sailing, we are one with the oceans and nothing else matter.

Science, art, music, photography… each of us expressing our love for the sea, using different colors and doing what we love the most. Once in a life-time experience that changes your life for good, and hopefully the future of our oceans. It was worth all the effort… We would do it a million more times! =)

Video making and editing: Rafnar Orri Gunnarsson | Music: Lina Žilinskaitė

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