We have teamed up with Tilvera Expeditions!

January 14, 2024

We are super excited to announce some of the big news for 2024!

Our recent collaboration with The Tilvera Project is one step forward towards achieving the main goals of Ocean Missions to work in ocean conservation and to engage people in ocean research and education.

The Tilvera project offers purposeful expeditions and transformative voyages around the world, currently focused in the Arctic regions, yet open for all kinds of meaningful adventures. 

Tilvera means “existence”, “to be present”, in Icelandic. Tilvera is owned by Heimir and Belén (who are part of the Ocean Missions core team), as a result of pursuing their common dream to have their own boat. She is a strong, beautiful 22 m ketch with a worldwide sailing license. Her capability and majesty, as well as our common vision to create a legacy of sea guardians, has made this collaboration something far beyond logic: An undeniably natural match.

With her previous owners, she has been sailing around the world for 20 years, including 8 times in Antarctica. Tilvera is ready to sail across the globe inspiring minds and hearts and serving as a home for explorers and restless minds, and she offers the perfect platform to perform our missions beyond Iceland!

The Tilvera project aims to create a unique way of responsible and meaningful traveling and it is ruled by the Tilvera Code, aiming to attract souls and adventurers that are aligned in their values and feel the responsibility of truly caring for our planet. 

“The Tilvera Code is the foundation of our culture and values, which guides our lifestyle, supports our practices and helps life on Earth „ 

Connecting with each other as only the ocean is capable of, onboard Tilvera we hope to further expand our range of action and to increase our community of Ocean Ambassadors, while exploring and learning from other places and people on our mission to save what gives us life: our blue planet. 

A thousand adventures, plans and projects await us! Already this year, we are preparing our first HOPE EXPEDITION in Svalbard where we ll be looking for 12 enthusiasts to join us on Tilvera and become Ocean Ambassadors!

Stay tuned!

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