News October 14, 2022 Walking on thin ice

Animal problems are human problems; we are in this sh*t together. I just got home from spending four weeks in August working in the far north, between the latitudes 70 and 71 in East Greenland. I was a wildlife guide on the Schooner Opal for North Sailing. My first time in Scoresby Sound was in …

News June 27, 2022 Learn, connect and act for our oceans in our new exhibition room!

How valuable is a whale´s life ? How much oxygen some from the sea? Are we on time to save our oceans?  And, are whale watching activities sustainable in Iceland?  There are so many important questions to answer and messages to spread! Húsavík, a small town at the edge of the Arctic, is a mayor …

News April 7, 2022 There is Hope to solve the plastic crisis

It seems that there is momentum around the problem of plastic pollution, as earlier this month, world leaders from more than 175 nations have agreed to finally forge a global treaty by 2024 to restrict plastic pollution! In Iceland, starting this year until 2025, the Ministry of Environment decided to trust and support some local …

News November 3, 2021 Advancing in ocean conservation during a pandemic

In January this year, Belén was awarded by The Safina Center as one of their young fellows to help on – Advancing the Case for Life on Earth. This fund is given to support passionate women on their professional careers to make a positive difference for the planet. Now, 9 months after, we can feel …

News August 31, 2021 Four tonnes of trash in less than 2km of coastline at “the end of the world”!

This is the result of last weekend’s clean-up effort on the Langanes peninsula! For the first time, Ocean Missions NGO, based in Húsavík, arranged a two-day, intensive clean-up of the Langanes coastline, gathering 20 volunteers from different organizations with a clear purpose: to remove the trash from the coastline and claim environmental action. Representatives from …

News January 18, 2021 Awards 2021 to help on Advancing the Case for Life on Earth

Belén, from Ocean Missions has been recently awarded by “The Safina Center” non-profit organization with a 5000$ grant to help on their work – Advancing the Case for Life on Earth, and she is willing to fully dedicate it on achieving Ocean Missions goals, which are hand in hand with the goals of The Safina …

News December 12, 2020 North Sailing and Ocean Missions, together for Sustainability!

It is a pleasure to announce the official partnership between Ocean Missions and North Sailing! We are very excited about this partnership, since we think it can bring very exciting projects for next summers in Húsavík! We all live in a marvelous wildlife paradise called Húsavík that deserves all the respect and admiration. It is …

News October 29, 2020 The special case of the Northern Right Whale

This year, the Northern Right Whale are the species getting the most attention among whale scientists

News October 15, 2020 Deploying acoustic buoys off western Iceland to study whale sounds and shipping noise

Never tired of the sea or adventures, right after coming back from the fantastic OM expedition, some of the team members sailed North West Iceland again to complete one of our missions of 2020. This time we team up with North Sailing, and Rannsóknasetur Háskóla Íslands a Húsavík (Research Centre) teams, we set our course …

News August 24, 2020 Long live the Puffins in Iceland! Discover how are the colonies doing, what treaths are they facing and how can you help!

This summer we joined some bird experts in Iceland on their mission to monitor the productivity of puffin colonies. Discover what we learned!

News June 21, 2020 Impressions from Ebba, first official participant on Ocean Missions expeditions

“How We Became Ocean Ambassadors” – Expedition May 2020 I’ve been struggling to find words to accurately sum up the expedition we went on May 28th to June 3rd 2020. Words just aren’t enough in this case, but I’m going to give it my best shot. (Fortunately, these little words are complemented with the moving …

News May 21, 2020 The transatlantic crossing experience onboard Twister!

During the last five weeks, Twister sailing training vessel sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and in the Caribbean Islands for their HORIZON EXPEDITION. In this program the guests and the crew were involved in an exciting green program as an initiative from “Twister Sailing” in collaboration with “Ocean Missions”.  The idea was to include the …

News December 14, 2019 Ocean Missions in the 19th World Marine Mammal Conference in Barcelona, Spain

That is the main message that Belén.G.Ovide got after spending five intense days in conferences at the 19th WORLD MARINE MAMMAL CONGRESS in Barcelona, Spain. Read more about her experience and insights after the conference: Participating in an event like this is, first of all, very overwhelming and then, of course very interesting! I participated …

News November 25, 2019 Collaboration OCEAN MISSIONS x TWISTER

Together we are stronger! We are excited to announce that OM will join Tall Ship TWISTER in 2020 during their first HORIZON EXPEDITION

News October 25, 2019 Scoresbysund , Greenland: a pristine environment?

This summer we were sailing in the stunning and remote fjords in Scoresbysund, East Greenland to study the problem of plastic pollution and to address the possibilities of developing some local projects with the small communities

News September 6, 2019 Available OM Report: EXPEDITION 2019: Results & Findings

On the 14th July Húsavík participated in the global beach cleanup that was organized by Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project, a non-profit organization that works to save whales and dolphins

News July 22, 2019 Húsavík Joins The Global Beach Cleanup

On the 14th July Húsavík participated in the global beach cleanup that was organized by Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project, a non-profit organization that works to save whales and dolphins

News July 19, 2019 Discover what we found during the last expedition 2019

We set sails for 7 days to explore the remote coasts and fjords in Iceland to study the ocean´s health and get the inspiration to develop a full citizen science program for next expedition in 2020

News July 11, 2019 Action –Reaction: The Net Rescue mini story

We went out in to Skjálfandi Bay, looking for whales just like another regular day in the whale watching in Húsavík. This time we were onboard Hildur, a magnificent wooden schooner owned by North Sailing

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